Our Focus

We are a London based firm of Technology Experts focused on excellence. Established in 2002, Fluent2 manages the IT Systems of over 50 hotels and commercial companies across 3 continents. Our knowledge and expertise lie in technology design and implementation for new builds and refurbishments; IT project management consultancy and managed services for existing hotels and businesses.

Portfolio of Projects

Discover more about our work by viewing our portfolio of current and past projects.

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How we can help?

Whether you are planning to build a new hotel, refurbishing an existing one or managing a hotel or business, our services are specifically designed to support you throughout the different stages of your project.

IT Architecture & Design Consultancy

Helping you future-proof your systems with innovative technology solutions.

IT Project Management & Implementation

Helping you implement your business objectives saving you time and money.

IT Managed Services

Helping you improve operations, delight your guests and reduce costs.

Systems Performance Evaluation

Is your IT System calibrated for a streamlined, high-performing hotel operation? Is it helping you achieve the guest experience you are aiming for?

Staying competitive in the hotel and hospitality business requires continuous improvement and investment in your IT Systems. Deciding the right way forward can be a challenge. This is where our technology experts come in. Get your system professionally analysed and discover what you may be missing.

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